Swanky Linen Art Binder - Fabric Covered Binder that Doesn’t Look Dumb

After spending a disappointing hour on Pinterest looking for cool-ish fabric covered binders I gave up. They all looked lame and chintzy. I have been holding on to two very cool smaller sized three ring binders to carry around with me when I sketch or watercolor. I wanted something that would make my bookbinding-mentor-friend proud, not something Twilight moms would pin and repin. I wanted something artsy, minimal and timeless. Here is what I came up with. The po’ man’s version of a cool, portable, mini portfolio. 

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Moon Phase Twister

i wanted to make games for nieces and nephews at the family reunion. i decided to take a twist on a popular game - pardon my pun, on second thought - don’t. you aren’t here for my writing style, you are here for my ideas. here goes. 

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DIY Wallflowers Scented Plugin

i’m about to get hippie on you all. plugin air fresheners (and tons of other stuff) have something called  VOC in them. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds” and they are highly toxic. they are chemicals with a low boiling point.

VOC cause all sorts of problems in your body: infertility (some of you may like that!), headaches, nervous system disorders, memory loss and cancer for both your pet and you…. lots of things. 

i was bummed when i learned about this and unplugged mine. being a packrat i couldn’t bring myself to toss it out and thought, maybe i’ll just plug it in for the holidays and poison my loved ones only a few times a year.

then i had a bright idea:
replace the bad stuff with good stuff: essential oils, which are awesome for you and, sometimes a lot cheaper than the liquid cancer bath and body works sells. 

here’s how you do it.

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DIY Lighting Stands

Make these simple/cheap can stands to clip lights on to for indoor photo shoots or whatevs.


empty paint cans, gallon milk jugs, buckets

long sticks from hardware store/lumber yard



something to stir the concrete/water mixture ( i was ghetto and used a screwdriver)

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DIY Altoids


gum paste (you can buy online or in a craft store, sometimes places like Target)

flavored or essential oil (essential oil is best but LorAnn oils work too - I used mint chocolate chip flavor)

powdered sugar (if you want to use it like flower so the paste doesn’t stick to your hands)

gum paste ball (about the size of a kiwi - the fruit, not a person from New Zealand)

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