DIY Altoids


gum paste (you can buy online or in a craft store, sometimes places like Target)

flavored or essential oil (essential oil is best but LorAnn oils work too - I used mint chocolate chip flavor)

powdered sugar (if you want to use it like flower so the paste doesn’t stick to your hands)

gum paste ball (about the size of a kiwi - the fruit, not a person from New Zealand)

essential or LorrAnn concentrated flavored oil.

knead oil into paste till it magically dissapears

i decided to add raw cacao power to make it more chocolatey

it made a cool swirly pattern (sorry its the shape, size and consistency of excrement in this shot - stay with me)

roll it out (the paste has a pattern similar to the wood grain rolling pin - i planned that)

at this point you can cut out circles with a straw, your wedding band, whatevs - i cut it into strips because i already felt like a dork for making something that only costs a dollar and didn’t want to spend that much time and effort.

then i snipped them into little squares. 

the end.

by holy crickey

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