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Swanky Linen Art Binder - Fabric Covered Binder that Doesn’t Look Dumb

After spending a disappointing hour on Pinterest looking for cool-ish fabric covered binders I gave up. They all looked lame and chintzy. I have been holding on to two very cool smaller sized three ring binders to carry around with me when I sketch or watercolor. I wanted something that would make my bookbinding-mentor-friend proud, not something Twilight moms would pin and repin. I wanted something artsy, minimal and timeless. Here is what I came up with. The po’ man’s version of a cool, portable, mini portfolio. 

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DIY Lighting Stands

Make these simple/cheap can stands to clip lights on to for indoor photo shoots or whatevs.


empty paint cans, gallon milk jugs, buckets

long sticks from hardware store/lumber yard



something to stir the concrete/water mixture ( i was ghetto and used a screwdriver)

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DIY Altoids


gum paste (you can buy online or in a craft store, sometimes places like Target)

flavored or essential oil (essential oil is best but LorAnn oils work too - I used mint chocolate chip flavor)

powdered sugar (if you want to use it like flower so the paste doesn’t stick to your hands)

gum paste ball (about the size of a kiwi - the fruit, not a person from New Zealand)

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